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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The evil in my life.

Besides my family being a huge role in my life there's also one other thing that contributes to the person I am today... Crohn's Disease. The name itself makes me cringe. 

Since being diagnosed in 2004 my weight has been a constant battle. I managed to drop down to 80 pounds while doing a study and was admitted into Mayo Clinic in Rochester.
A few months before being admitted.

 Needless to say I was removed from the study and was soon pumped full of prednisone. The medication made me full of energy, reduced any symptoms I was having, and even helped me gain an appetite. However, that appetite consisted of A LOT of peanut butter. A lot meaning a jar of it a day. Since I was inhaling just about anything I could lay my eyes on I began swelling up like a balloon.

After packing on some pounds I was eventually told to watch what I was eating, especially foods high in sodium. Luckily my chipmunk phase only lasted a year or so.

Fast foward to today... I'm still battling with my weight. I'm lucky if I max out at 100 pounds. I often get told how lucky I am to be so skinny after having three kids. If people only realized what is causing me to stay this thin. I don't do it by choice and I sure don't like the method which is keeping me this way.


  1. Oh gosh, you definitely have a "moonface" in the second picture, I cannot imagine what it's like to be in your body. My brother's ex-girlfriend also has severe Crohn's, which now makes me wonder if her (very) large stature is genetic also, because everyone else I know with Crohn's is pretty small, or if she's just an anamoly. Either way, I'm sorry you have to deal with this disease every day.

    1. It seems to affect people in different ways -some are super thin and some are on the heavy side. I showed Evyn that picture earlier today and he asked who that was with him. Haha. It's literally a pain in my ars.