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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I have been a fan of  Lil Blue Boo on facebook for quite some time. The owner Ashley makes extremely cute clothing and started my fascination with upcycled clothing. Some day I hope to create some for my own kids, when things finally settle down. For some unknown reason I've never read her blog. It blows my mind. How did I miss such an awesome blog? She has creative DIY projects that are pratical and super cute! Any who... I happened to end up on her blog. Not only is this woman a wonderful creater she's also battling a rare form of cancer. -Cancer has been something that has hit close to home far too many times. Ashley's video "A Rite of Passage" is a simple video she created to document the milestone of her hair loss. Prior to shaving her own hair her mom had shaved her head. The video is so simple but brought tears to my eyes. I pray for Ashley's health and other's who are battling the awful disease! Ashley's blog can be found here.

Ashley's moto is Choose Joy. It's a reminder that no matter what life has thrown at you, you have the choice to choose joy.

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