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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


When did my idea of shopping start meaning grocery shopping?

I remember prior to kids I would go shopping every other weekend for myself. I would buy whatever my eyes could see and never thought twice about the price of an item. Boy have times changed.

Now I feel like the only shopping I do is for groceries. Perhaps it's because my kids eat everything in the house within days. Today I felt like one of the gals off of tv who do the mad coupon shopping before leaving for the store. I searched the web for coupons to match sale prices at the local grocery store, clipped them, marked down the items I needed in the sale ad, and was on my way.

Even when shopping doesn't include groceries, I'm always trying to score deals for my kids. I realize they have FAR too many clothes and toys but when I see a good deal and it's extremely cute, I can't pass it up and if I do, I feel guilty. People have told me to stop worrying about them because they're okay and it never clicks.

So, I've decided that when the tax return arrives, I will be getting something for myself and won't second guess it. I'm almost certain the something I chose for myself will be something small because I'm frugal; otherwise known as cheap. :)

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